Xeno is a new online publication endeavoring to broaden our interactions with the world around us. We’re looking to reframe distance and division as an opportunity for understanding, rather than as a barrier to interaction. Specifically, we’re looking to create a space that treats news, culture, and food from around the world equally. Through a mix of incisive criticism and wide-angled storytelling, we push back on the increasingly localized nature of news and media, and we push against the hegemonic, centralized voices dominating the global conversation. Xeno will bring our readers essays and articles that help them explore the politics, popular culture, food, science, arts, technology, and international relations of the world beyond the center. With an emphasis on fine writing, we aspire to become a publication that celebrates life, and a resource for our readers to get to know the world around them.

We won’t ever be perfect, but we’re learning. Please reach out to us with story ideas, pitches, suggestions, corrections, questions, or salutations. All are welcome here.


Founder and Editor in Chief: Dominique Lear
Co-Founder and Executive Editor: Cian Dinan
Editor: Emma Wenninger
Editor: Aemilia Phillips


Our sincerest thanks to Tere Gonzalez, Eglantina Zingg, and Tina Bennett for their kind and generous support to Xeno.

We’d also like to thank Joaquin Kunkel, Rosy Tahan, Leah Voskuil, Enrica Barberis, and Vivi Kawas for the work that they’ve done to help this project come alive.