What we see every day is not the only truth.

Xeno is a new online publication offering a signature mix of storytelling and commentary on politics, international affairs, popular culture and the arts, food, and the environment. We seek to broaden our readers’ interactions with the world around them and showcase the beautiful cacophony of humanity inhabiting this earth. Xeno will turn away from stories emanating from traditional centers of power, and instead focus on stories from and about the periphery. Xeno will not publish stories about the United States.

At Xeno, we aspire to provide an honest challenge to publications that claim to be arbiters of “world taste,” yet only publish content about three or four wealthy, powerful  countries. We want to push back against the idea that a handful of renowned, high-traffic magazines based out of the United States or Europe can determine “success” for a writer or artist. We want to fight against the national nature of news and media.

Xeno will be a platform for writers and artists of multinational backgrounds who would otherwise be sidelined from the strongholds of media attention in the world. All are welcome here.

Xeno launched its inaugural issue in November 2018.