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"Esteman" is a Colombian singer and songwriter from Bogota. Known for his catchy rhythms, playful lyrics, and vast musical influences, his performance at Estereo Picnic this year was well attended. "Solo" is a danceable blend of carribbean beats about the joys of being alone! (Fun fact: "este man" is typically used in Colombian slang to say "this man" - Dominique spent a couple of days hearing Esteman's name unable to understand that this was, in fact, his name and not a monicker by series of forgetful friends)

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Dominique's latest musical obsession (can you tell she gets these often?) is Parcels, an Australian band now living in Berlin creating nostalgic, soothing, but ultimately boogie-worthy music. Withorwithout is a song on their latest eponymous album. The band's sleek but goofy vintage aesthetic is quite charming, too. (Though the video is mildly terrifying)

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Gaye Su Akyol’s İstikrarli Hayal Hakikattir

Turkish rock potentate Gaye Su Akyol’s latest album is titled İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir, “Consistent Fantasy Is Reality.” The title track veers between Akyol’s silky, sharpshooting voice and a doomy chorus of male backup singers, all over a rich rock and roll backdrop. But Akyol’s devotion to her country’s music, with runs up and down the scale, mesmerizing repetition, and the jangling of ouds, give these songs sonic breadth and historical depth. The result is a uniquely sharp album, thick with dissenting attitude in the best rock and roll tradition.

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