We’re accepting submissions of essays, articles, reviews, recipes, and photography on a rolling basis. We strongly encourage pieces that center on non-hegemonic groups and parts of the world.

Current Affairs

The current affairs section at Xeno is composed of long-form explanatory, expository or narrative non-fiction articles (1,200-3,000 words), as well as shorter, more digestible vignettes or opinion pieces about a place or event. We're looking for captivating, well-written, in-depth analysis that makes international politics accessible to a wide audience. 


Xeno aspires to be a platform for artists and writers from around the world. We want to highlight and showcase emerging and established artists from around the world who deserve attention. Our culture section is comprised of profiles and reviews of art and culture from around the world of varying length. We're also interested in photo essays and creative fiction pieces.


Food is essential for life. Xeno features recipes from around the world, translated to a global audience. We want to feature the culture and traditions that surround food in any given place, with interviews and features pieces about home cooking and celebrations. We are also interested in reviews of restaurants from around the world by people based in that city. Xeno is not a travel magazine. 

All submissions should be sent to Please include your name, contact information, and the section to which you’re submitting in the body of the email.

If your piece doesn't conform to any of these formats, but you believe it would be a good fit with Xeno, please submit it anyway. Similarly, if you have a piece in a language other than English that you'd like to see translated on Xeno, let us know. We might be able to work something out. 


If you would like to write for Xeno but you don’t know what to write, let us know. We will match you with an idea.


We believe in compensating writers for their work. However, we are dependent on donations to pay our writers and artists. As we are just starting out, we have limited resources.

At very least, we will pay contributors a small honorarium for published pieces. Rates will depend on our fundraising results, but at a minimum, we will pay just enough to cover the price of the coffee writers bought to read through the piece one last time. With time (and donations) we will improve our pay.

And finally, if you would like to help the publication, but cannot write and don’t have any ideas, please reach out to us anyway. You never know how you might be able to help.